Research has shown that a great EX has the power to increase Revenue by 40% and customer satisfaction by 35%! Humanity can positively influence your EX through improving the following elements of the EX journey.


Talent Acquisition

We create memorable and lasting 1st impressions for your Brand by helping you deliver exceptional candidate experiences to attract and enable future workforces and drive growth.
  • Recruitment & Headhunting
  • Contracting and work on Demand solutions
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions (RPO)
  • Workforce Planning
  • Onboarding


Employee Engagement

Create purpose and commitment and drive productivity. We measure and improve your Employee Engagement through harnessing the power of our Employee Engagement cloud-based software tool, Clarity Wave to gather actionable insights that build a predictable model for improving employee engagement, retention and loyalty all in real-time.


Culture Transformation

Company culture is key to creating a winning employee experience in the workplace. Create, or transform your culture into one that inspires your employees, enhances creativity, and improves your Employee Experience.
  • Company Culture Surveys
  • Team Alignment workshops – improve self awareness, reveal hidden potential and maximise team output using our Lumina Spark tools
  • Employee Wellness programmes


Employee Development Programmes

Investing in your employees professional growth is a win-win situation. Your employees acquire new skills and take their careers and your bottom line to the next level.
  • Tailor made relevant Employee Development Programmes that align career paths and success planning
  • Leadership development programmes;


Exit Interview Programmes - Building Brand Ambassadors

Simple Exit-Interview Programmes designed to provide a safe environment as a 3rd party, for true and honest feedback. The data we collect provides insights into;
  • Employees’ perceptions of the work itself
  • Uncover REAL issues, helping to mitigate real risks
  • Gain insight into managers’ leadership styles and effectiveness
  • Learn about salary benchmarks and benefits at competing organizations
  • Create lifelong advocates for the organization
We collect the data and analyse the results, providing our clients with the most honest and important feedback report a company can receive.

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