EX and EVP: Your Secret Weapons to Winning the War for Talent (Part III)

Part III: The Hype about EX

“Employee Experience” or EX is really just the umbrella term that we use to describe the various interactions that individual employees experience with their employer from the point of hire, through to the point where they retire.

Gallup defines it as

“The employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your organization. It includes all the interactions an employee has with your organization before, during and after their tenure.”

If these interactions and experiences are negative, people won’t want to work for your company and they definitely won’t be sticking around and giving their best every single day.

Of course there’s an entire science to EX and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are our top three tips to get you started:

Applying for a Job

When last did you try to apply for a job at your own company?

How hard or easy have you made it for job applicants to submit their resumes and to get feedback on their application? Most companies don’t pay attention to this crucial first step and don’t realize how many talented applicants they might be turning off, simply because their recruitment process harks back to 1997. If your recruitment and application process requires an applicant to clear numerous hurdles and register on your website and populate a whole new resume to suit your requirements, that doesn’t exactly paint a picture of a flexible, innovative and agile employer. This applicant would rather apply for the role at your competitor that is being advertised on LinkedIn and allows for a single click application

Accessing Benefits and Promotions

How employees are able to access benefits and adjust these throughout the different stages of their lives, is becoming increasingly more important. Similarly, access to career development and advancement opportunities shouldn’t be a battle. We use apps everywhere in our lives. Why would any employer still be requiring submission of physical leave applications or scanning and emailing expense claims?

Continual advancements in HR Tech allow us to provide wonderful platforms for our employees and a single point through which to access company news and events, connect with like-minded colleagues, show recognition, collect rewards and access learning, benefits and internal vacancies. All of these platforms can be customized per industry and employer and the entire user experience is built around the moments that truly matter to your employees.

Recognition and Rewards

The annual performance appraisal is way past it’s sell-by date and it’s time to embrace the move towards ongoing recognition, regular feedback and flexible rewards. A $25 iTunes gift card is a great reward for younger employees, but your Gen X managers would likely prefer paid time off work, so it’s important to allow for flexibility with recognition and rewards.

Having a compelling EVP and investing in improving your EX is not only good for your employees. It’s good for business too, as improved employee engagement leads to less absenteeism, improved work performance and lower staff turnover.

Ready to get to work on your EVP and improving your EX?

I’m not a sales copy writer, so what would the CTA for Humanity be here?

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