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Our Client Process

Finding the perfect leadership talent for your unique organisation is a two-way street; don’t think for a minute that we could neglect either the client or the candidate in our search for loving, productive and dividend yielding relationships.

Using client specialists (aka connectors), we first get a firm understanding of the soul of the organisation and the requirements of the role before even attempting to define the search canvas. By interviewing the existing incumbent where possible, his/her peers/reports and CEO/Board, a 360° approach, we go beyond traditional job specifications to determine the unique behavioural and functional competencies required for the role.

Our connectors then set out with passion and purpose to find our clients a perfect match. Someone with soul, who brings those invaluable qualities like intuition, creativity, emotional intelligence and depth of consciousness, to the non-negotiable skill, knowledge and experience levels required for the position. Qualities that we are uniquely able to measure.

Using our extensive intelligence network, in addition to advanced search canvassing and talent mapping, we narrow down the options by matching precisely, the specific needs of the job to those of the candidates.

We then interview the best candidates from our matching process, using our experience, industry understanding, and intuition of course, to reveal the most suitable shortlist for your consideration.

The profiles you will receive from us, will always contain the candidate’s own CV, relevant reference and integrity checks, our interview notes and insights, the results of their behavioural assessments and of course the comparison scores matching the candidate to the role in the context of the organisation.

Voila….love is in the air!

Happy Leaders Makes for Great and Profitable Business

When companies appoint leaders who love their jobs
and are perfectly matched to their positions, they gain:

  • A more motivated, dynamic team that consistently outperforms its peers
  • Better intuitive decision-making and leadership across all levels of the company
  • Increased flexibility, creativity and pro-activity to compete in an increasingly changing business environment
  • Greater stability, staff retention and loyalty
  • A more positive company culture

This is core to the offering of Humanity’s client benefits

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approach in matching candidates to clients is the secret for creating workplace value.