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At the core of Humanity’s working philosophy, is the methodology that precisely matches people to positions in the context of organisations. The result is that our candidates love their jobs, and simultaneously we can fulfil the needs for creativity, intuition, courage, passion, and proactiveness alongside those of skills, knowledge and experience for our clients.

In a paradigm shift in South African efforts towards transformation, Humanity Search & Select has forged an entirely educationally-based empowerment deal with the Trust that funds bright but disadvantaged kids through tertiary education. The Maharishi Institute (MI), who are the beneficiaries of the arrangement is the brainchild of Taddy Bletcher of CIDA city campus fame. It effectively twins its consciousness-based education programme with the higher-consciousness talent selection methodology of Humanity. The synergies are ideal.

The fact that the benefits of the BEE shareholding and the entire CSI and Enterprise Development spend of Humanity will be dedicated to graduate education seeks not only to empower and educate many, but will be a key driver in the building of a better South Africa!!

For the record, we are level 2 BBBEE value adding contributor.

For the record, we have access to some great candidates of all races and cultures.

For the record, we value placing people in jobs they love above all else.


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