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[Who are we? ]

Who we are

We are a new-age search and selection firm who have developed a groundbreaking methodology that improves the likelihood of successful leadership placements for the 21st century.

Research shows that traditional recruitment and selection methodologies are insufficient in a high-change 21st century society and lead to the increasing number of seemingly well qualified placements who do not work out.

It’s quite simple really. Employees in today’s high-change environment need additional attributes which were not relevant in the efficiency dominated 20th century. Our new business environment is characterised by increasing levels of change and volatility as well as the ubiquity of the internet. The leaders of today and of the future will need to adapt quickly to dynamic and evolving landscapes. They will need all the functional capabilities of skill, knowledge and experience, but will also need to be more creative, intuitive and instructive in decision making in addition to being more proactive and more trusting. They will require higher levels of EQ (Emotional Quotient  and what we call CQ™ (Consciousness Quotient™ )).

Our successful candidates love their jobs, are more productive, more intuitive and creative, and their leadership results in improved bottom-line results.

Importantly, the love they express so openly for their jobs is mutual – our blue chip client base believes in our methodology and almost always repeat using the Humanity process. We have extensive research on large samples of leaders in the USA, and have validated this research in South Africa, that proves how our methods impact the bottom lines of our client base.

This leads of course to a love affair of its own. Love abounds when partners create value for each other.

It looks like magic, but all we really do is bring the heart and soul back into the workplace.