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[Our Philosophy ]

What’s love got to do with it?

There was a time when all you needed was a set of CVs of suitably qualified managers with the right levels of skills and experience to select a short list for the interview process. Indeed many recruitment processes still work this way. Sound familiar?

Traditionally, recruitment practices rely on functional competencies (skills, experience and knowledge communicated to clients through a CV, an interview and a reference check) as the only factors to be considered when matching a candidate to a job.

In 20th Century theory this worked. You might find a decent enough manager this way, but what you are unlikely to find in today’s environment is certainty that the candidate you choose will thrive, and love the position to the extent that you receive the benefits of the affair.

In reality, this way of thinking lacks one defining human element: Soul.

In a wireless 21st century, the needs of both candidates and clients have changed radically. Candidates are looking for fulfilment at a deeper level. Clients have realised that functional competence, which may have been sufficient in an era focused on efficiency is no longer enough. The latest research shows a direct and positive relationship between high levels of consciousness in leadership and sustainable competitive advantage in the companies they manage.

This is why Humanity looks deeper than just functional competence to the outputs of consciousness – those being creativity, intuition, openness, connectedness, courage and confidence – when assessing clients and candidates to form the perfect match.