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[Consciousness coaching ]

Imagine the positive consequences of being in a position within a company, you love; or of only employing leaders who are inspired, intuitive, creative, passionate and completely suited to every aspect of their role and the organisation. Pretty powerful stuff, right… just like all great love stories.

In a ground breaking move, Humanity has taken another bold step to ensure that their perfectly matched candidates are able to acclimatise more rapidly and are able to immediately add value to the organisations they join. Through our partnership, all candidates placed with Humanity clients earning in excess of R900k pa will secure the services, for a 3 month period, of an internationally accredited consciousness coach. The role of the coach is to guide the candidate in a ‘conscious way of being’ as a highly effective communicator, dynamic leader and active team member and to assist in the acclimatisation process ensuring the candidate adds value to the organisation in as short a time as possible.

You see, we believe in love at first sight, but if we can give it a nudge, then romance flourishes so much faster.

This complimentary service is the first of its kind in the industry. It proves once again that Humanity is committed to ensuring clients and candidates are at the forefront of human consciousness management practices. We just love placing leaders in jobs that they love and that love them back that we couldn’t resist this flirtatious addition.

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  • Consciousness Assessments
  • Consciousness based Leadership and Development and Change Management