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[How we operate ]

Key to our methodology is the fact that we go beyond functional competence to measure every candidate’s behavioural competence before we attempt to make a match.

Leaders are much more than their qualifications, experience and intellectual prowess. The same can be said of organisational roles. To be filled successfully by someone who thrives and adds value, they need to be filled by leaders who have qualities that go beyond the functional requirements. It is more likely emotional intelligence, depth of consciousness and character that determines why one leader loves and excels in a position compared to their equally “qualified” counterpart who may not.

This is why we also assess the personal archetypes, emotional intelligence, and consciousness of each of our candidates to create comprehensive behavioural competence profiles that underpin our search process. It’s the reason we can find candidates that you will love and who will be more successful in their roles than those chosen on purely functional criteria. These leaders are the ones who will love their jobs and deliver the ‘I love my job’ dividend.

Our Performance Predictor™ model explains the value of behavioural competence:

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Humanity | Executive search

After Humanity’s connectors (industry specialists) have assessed the clients’ business and have profiled the available positions, we are able to match the job against our extensive network of pre-assessed candidates, and if necessary against candidates that our search canvas and talent maps, discover. A shortlist of candidates, who are the best suited for the position based on their functional and behavioural competencies, are interviewed. We interview and reference check these candidates (all the usual stuff!), and then the real magic begins.

We carefully examine the match points of conversion from a behavioural and functional point of view to job profiles that have both functional and behavioural needs. We then apply our own judgment and intuition before forwarding suitably matched and qualified candidates to the client. We find that this more comprehensive and sensitive approach to matching candidates to clients and specific jobs creates the secret to the value that the Humanity methodology holds.

True love in the making!